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S A V E  T H E  M U S I C

Nov 2020 - Neuheiten & Angebote des Monats (Versand nur in D)

N: Rüdiger Baldauf CD "Strawberry Fields" + 9 weitere, A: Lisa Bassenge, Elina Duni, Dino Saluzzi

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Oktober 2020

Wismar, 22-10-2020

Keith Jarrett zieht sich von der Bühne zurück, wir haben 6 seiner ECM-CDs & 3 DVDs im Angebot


Wismar, 14-09-2020

Jürgen Czisch has already made a contribution to jazz in Germany through his record labels WismART and NRW Records. With Ajazz, he has taken the next step in bringing quality creative music to an expectant public. Ajazz is not only a vehicle for the promotion and distribution of recordings from top European independent record labels and independent productions by world-class artists; it also functions as a mailorder offering hard to find albums on CD / vinyl.