1. On this page: 6 albums presented at Jazzahead Bremen 2024.

2. Due to our warehouse relocation we are ending our imports except the high quality CDs from our French partner La Buissonne. We continue distributing a part of the ECM Records backcatalog in Germany and Austria.

Wismar, 20.4.2024 Jürgen Czisch

Nico Lohmann Quintet
Jazz it is (Special+ Edition) NEW

CD, A541-CD, Label: Ajazz

Birgitta Flick & Antje Rößeler
Sending a Phoenix (Special+ Edition) / NEW

CD, wis5050-CD, wismART

Stefan Münzer Trio
Utopia (Special+ Edition) NEW

CD, wis5043-CD, wismART

Mischa Schumann
Move Change Resolve (Special+ Edition) NEW

CD, wis5044-CD, wismART

Flo And The Murmurs
The Waves / NEW

CD, rjal 397047, La Buissonne

Lisa Hoppe's YSOP
Faking an imperfect Utopia (Special+ Edition) NEW

CD, wis5049-CD, wismART

Deep Strings

Erik Leuthäuser


Heiner Goebbels

Jan Klare

Lisa Hoppe's YSOP

Marc Schmolling

Pablo Held