Martin Ehlers
Swedish Moment (Special Ed. CD)

CD, NRW8004, EAN 4025083280046 / DX
Jazz, © 2017, NRW Records

Martin Ehlers piano / Thomas Biller bass / Derek Scherzer drums

Swedish Moment, Stjärnafall, Laughing-Crying-Everything, Don't Ask Me Why, Aquamarines, Mi Pasión, Mi Alma, Spirit, What Spirit?, Thank You For Staying, Late Night Harbour

  1. Swedish Moment
  2. Stjärnafall
  3. Laughing-Crying-Everything
  4. Don't Ask Me Why
  5. Aquamarines
  6. Mi Pasión, Mi Alma
  7. Spirit, what spirit?
  8. Thank You For Staying
  9. Late Night Harbour

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