Ezz thetics 1116 3000x3000

Taylor, Mike
Trio, Quartet & Composer revisited (Stereo & Fono Forum 8.21)

CD, ezz1116, EAN 0752156111627 / DX2
Jazz, (c) 2021, Ezz-Thetics

Mike Taylor piano, Ron Rubin bass, Jack Bruce bass, Jon Hiseman drums, Eric Clapton guitar, Ginger Baker drums, Dave Tomlin soprano sax, Tony Reeves bass

  1. All The Things You Are (Trio)
  2. Just A Blues (Trio)
  3. While My Lady Sleeps (Trio)
  4. The End Of A Love Affair (Trio)
  5. Two Autumns (Trio)
  6. Guru (Trio)
  7. Stella By Starlight (Trio)
  8. Abena (Trio)
  9. A Night In Tunisia (Quartet)
  10. Passing The Time (For Cream)
  11. Pressed Rat And Warthog (For Cream)
  12. Those Were The Days (For Cream)